tooz® DevKit

499,00 2.700,00 

Connected via Bluetooth to a mobile device, tooz smart glasses discreetly deliver content into the wearer’s field of view, enhancing the essential function of everyday glasses. With this tooz® DevKit, developers are enabled to create own applications compatible with the tooz smart glasses.

What’s included in your tooz® DevKit box:

  • tooz® smart glasses
  • USB charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide
Please note: The tooz DevKit glasses are sold without prescription. You will only see a sharp virtual image if you have normal or farsighted vision. People with myopia will see a blurred image without vision correction. For the perfect fit, please adjust the customizable nose pads as explained here.
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Developer Kit Features

An up-close-and-personal look at the tooz Bluetooth-enabled smart glasses.

Touchpad Controls

Intuitively control tooz smart glasses using the touchpad.

Curved Waveguide

750,000+ white OLED pixels for a full color experience with a peak brightness of up to 5.000 nits.

Head Gestures

IMU sensor data generates a new and subtle means of interaction.

Talk + Listen

Connect with your glasses and use them like everyday audio headsets.

Technical Specifications

State-of-the-art electronics integration.
Optical System

Curved, free-form non-diffractive waveguide
20° field of view
20% light efficiency


FDA-approved polycarbonate lens
TR90 frame
210 mAh battery capacity


Full RGB OLED display
400 x 640 px portrait resolution
Adjustable brightness levels


Bluetooth 5.1 Microphone (including noise reduction) Speaker


Power on/off hinge
Ambient light sensor
Proximity sensor