The wearable for your best running performance


In collaboration with tooz technologies, adidas Runtastic is working on the compatibility of the adidas Running App with the tooz Smart Glasses. By integrating both solutions, information from the app can be transferred to the athlete’s field of vision via the smart glasses. The runner receives information on distance, pace, heart rate and much more – without having to take the smartphone out of his or her pocket. The tooz smart glasses act as a complementary wearable aiming to increase the athlete’s enjoyment and achievements!

tooz smart glasses at the University Hospital of Dresden – Enhancing clinical practice


The Else Kröner Fresenius Center (EKFZ) for Digital Health of the TU Dresden and the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus is researching the use of context-sensitive data glasses in everyday clinical practice in cooperation with tooz technologies. The aim is to provide mobile and digital access to relevant information at the right time and in the right place, thus providing the best possible support for hospital staff in their daily clinical work.

tooz Cerence cooperation

Conversational AI and smart glasses to elevate the two-wheeler experience


Cerence has expanded its reach to the global two-wheeler market with the launch of the Cerence 2-Wheeler Mobility Platform, bringing its renown automotive voice and AI-based assistants to electric scooters. The tooz Smart Glasses are the perfect complement to Cerence’s platform, as the two companies have tested the glasses as a complementary wearable that displays additional information from the head unit directly in the driver’s field of view. In this way, relevant data concerning navigation, traffic jams, road work, or speed limits, for example, is made available to the wearer at the right time and in the right place. 

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