Next Level Optics




Enabling Smart glasses that look and function like normal eyewear

A decade ago, we started with the vision to upgrade all-day prescription glasses with augmentation of virtual content. Today, we offer a customizable optical platform for smart glasses: Our tooz curved waveguide with proven mass-manufacturability displays content in your field of view. The curvature of the lens enables seamless integration of individual vision correction.

With smart glasses enabled by tooz, you stay connected to the world around you and enhance your life with all the information you need, hands-free.

Next level optics

We engineer and produce lenses and optical engines for tooz Smart Glasses and independent solutions by third parties.

Right from the start of our waveguide development at ZEISS, we focused on implementing highly scalable manufacturing processes and standards of the optics industry. At our tooz-owned production site in Germany, we control all process steps from injection molding, optical coating, filling and bonding to Rx-ing. We cover 100% of the value chain to provide leading edge optical engines for our customers.

App integration

The tooz Smart Glasses are connected via Bluetooth to a mobile device. Use the My Smart Glasses companion app to manage your wearable.

From voice assistant to notifications and phone calls, you can configure in the app the content you want to receive in your glasses.


  • Notifications display
  • Phone calls
  • Voice assistant
  • Weather information
  • Navigation

The future of wearable technology, now with prescription