Stylish smart glasses with vision correction 

Stay connected to the world around you when it matters most and enhance your life with all the information you need, hands-free.

Connected via Bluetooth to a mobile device, the tooz Smart Glasses discreetly deliver content into your field of view. The monocular optical system is the only curved waveguide lens on the market which allows the seamless integration of vision correction including individual prescription.

Next level optics

tooz technologies engineers and produces lenses and optical engines for tooz Smart Glasses and independent solutions by third parties. Our proprietary optics platform is protected by more than 300 patents and validated in our own manufacturing facilities located in Germany.

tooz leads the way for smart glasses with prescription, unleashing a variety of new use cases in daily life and across industries

App integration

Use the My Smart Glasses companion app to configure and manage your tooz Smart Glasses.

From notifications to phone calls and more, you can choose in the app the content you want to receive in your glasses.

Available Functions:

  • Notifications display
  • Phone calls
  • AI voice assistant
  • Weather information
  • Navigation

The future of wearable technology, now with prescription