Our tooz apps

To get started with the tooz smart glasses, we recommend to install the My Smart Glasses app (currently Android-only) on your smart device. If you don’t have tooz smart glasses yet, get started with our tooz Emulator that acts as a stand-in for the glasses and is the perfect tool for developers to test app prototypes today.

My Smart Glasses

With the My Smart Glasses app, users can setup and manage the glasses, apps and smart functionality. For more information, check out the tooz® My Smart Glasses Guide for Android.

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Tooz Emulator

No glasses? No problem. Watch your screen designs and app prototypes come to life.

Get it on Google Play

tooz OTA Firmware Updater

Update the firmware of your tooz DevKit Smart Glasses by downloading the APK and installing it on your phone. For more information, check out the tooz® OTA Firmware Updater Manual.