My Smart Glasses

Explore infinite possibilities by connecting your tooz Smart Glasses to the My Smart Glasses app. With this companion app, you are able to set up and manage the glasses, compatible apps and smart functionality. By delivering content and notifications via My Smart Glasses discreetly into the wearer’s field of view, tooz Smart Glasses enable you to stay present and better connected with the world.

tooz tools

The tooz companion app now allows you to use your tooz Smart Glasses in combination with your Apple watch. Explore infinite possibilities by connecting your tooz Smart Glasses to the tooz Tools app on your watch.

tooz Workout

Workout with your tooz Smart Glasses and your Apple watch and get real-time activity data directly in your glasses. Take infinite possibilities further by connecting your tooz Smart Glasses to the tooz Workout app in conjunction with the Apple Health app on your watch.

tooz Sports Connect

With help of this app, you can connect the tooz Smart Glasses with your Garmin sports devices* as well as configure the data screens to be shown in your field of view.

*Only with installed tooz Data Field from Garmin IQ Store.

Developer Apps

tooz emulator app available on google play store

tooz Emulator

Watch your screen designs and app prototypes come to life with tooz Emulator. Try out your application by installing the tooz Emulator on a separate mobile device. After connecting both devices via our apps, use the tooz Emulator to act as a stand-in for the tooz smart glasses. The preview modes allow you to visualize your app prototype with full functionality in various perspectives.

tooz OTA updater app icon

tooz OTA Updater

The tooz OTA (Over-the-air) Updater enables you to update the firmware of your tooz DevKit Smart Glasses by downloading the APK and installing it on your phone. Run the firmware update on your tooz Smart Glasses via Bluetooth.

User Guides

Already have your glasses in hand and your apps installed?
Check out our user guides for the tooz DevKit and My Smart Glasses app to learn more.

tooz DevKit Quick Start Guide

My Smart Glasses Guidebook

tooz OTA Updater Manual