Innovation concept – ESSNZ SLIM


ESSNZ SLIM revolutionizes the way smart prescription eyewear
will look and feel

The innovative reference design “ESSNZ SLIM” represents a significant evolution from previous smart glasses. Building upon the success of the ESSNZ Berlin design, we have meticulously refined and enhanced the functionality to create a uniquely light and slim solution. This design is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of end consumers for all-day use glasses.

“ESSNZ SLIM” provides the proof that consumer style expectations, medical-grade correction optics and visual augmentation can be realized in a valid product offering.


Designed with user comfort and style in mind, the “ESSNZ SLIM” smart glasses offer an unparalleled AR experience. A weight of less than 40 grams and an ergonomic design allows users to wear these glasses all-day long.


Achieving the target of a sleek and minimalist form factor, tooz did not compromise to deliver one core differentiator: individual vision correction.

tooz has again leveraged its state-of-the-art optical system, a curved waveguide with free-form surfaces and prescription integration, to guarantee natural AR experiences in future prescription glasses.

Interested in building smart glasses based on “ESSNZ SLIM”?

The smart glasses “ESSNZ SLIM” by tooz are an innovative reference design showcasing what is possible in terms of weight, form factor and functionality. The design addresses the most important requirements that future customers and end users expect. Corporates can base their own smart glasses product on this well thought-out design and the tooz curved waveguide.

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