a new era of eyewear

ESSNZ ONE anticipates how glasses will look and function in a few years

The innovation concept ESSNZ ONE provides an outlook of the next generation of smart glasses and the roadmap of upcoming technologies by tooz. tooz will translate this product vision into market-ready products and solutions, safeguarding tooz’ pioneering role in the industry.

Combining a leading-edge design with new functionalities, vision correction and AR capabilities, ESSNZ ONE introduces a new era of eyewear.

User Experience

The smart glasses discreetly display information to the wearer while keeping the essential purpose of regular glasses – vision correction with individual prescription. Even UV protection or bluelight filters can be combined with the uniqe tooz optics. Built-in biometric and activity tracking sensors enable health data and performance monitoring. IMU, voice and speaker functionality allow for completely new interaction patterns according to use case specific requirements. A full-day battery lifetime is ensured through power-efficient micro LED displays and Bluetooth low energy.

The ultimate expression of contemporary design, craftmanship & precision engineering


The 3D-printed titanium profile frames the unique hexagon shaped lenses, while the polished edge adds a gentle touch of sophistication. The dual-layered top bar provides visual balance and structural rigidity.

The electronics are thoughtfully integrated, with built-in channels running through the titanium frame to connect the components between the temples.

The charging case mirrors the design language of the frame. It charges the glasses and the exchangeable battery.

Embodying a deep understanding of both technology and design

Modern technology is changing our lives rapidly, with new innovations continually challenging the status quo. Glasses, however have remained unchanged for decades.

The tooz team approached the concept with a focus on balancing user experience and design with state-of-the-art integrated technologies.