tooz at SPIE

AR VR MR 2023

experience how we unite AR and vision correction

At SPIE | AR VR MR 2023 in San Francisco, the tooz team will present the latest achievements in the area of everyday smart glasses with individual prescription (Rx).

Try on our smart glasses reference designs “tooz ESSNZ Berlin” and “tooz DevKit” at our booth #218. Join our CEO Kai Ströder for his invited talk about how tooz provides the missing link between various AR technologies and individual vision correction.

In addition, tooz will also contribute in two exciting panel discussions moderated by Edgar Auslander, Senior Director Strategic Partnerships at Meta, and Bernard Kress, Director of XR Hardware at Google.

31 January | 10:00 AM–5:00 PM
1 February | 10:00 AM–5:00 PM

Panel Participations: 
31 January | 11:10 AM–12:00 PM & 05:00 PM–05:50 PM

Invited Talk: 
31 January | 01:40 PM–02:00 PM

SPIE AR | VR | MR Exhibition
The Moscone Center West, Level 3
San Francisco, California

tooz booth #218 (see floor plan)

“Prescription (Rx) for AR glasses and for MR/VR head-mounted displays: challenges and opportunities”
31 January | 11:10 AM–12:00 PM | Moderated by Edgar Auslander

The panel will address questions relative to technologies used today or in the future to integrate Rx in consumer or commercial XR glasses, goggles or HMDs. We will look into technical as well as operational challenges that come with stylish all-day eyewear, as well as potential use of 3D printing, or simple integration of inserts.

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“Diffractive vs. Holographic vs. Reflective Waveguides: What should the Industry target?”
31 January | 05:00 PM–05:50 PM | Moderated by Bernard Kress

This panel will welcome several industry players involved in waveguides for augmented reality applications, be they reflective or diffractive. During the panel discussion, we will exchange around the technology choices, the challenges, the trade-offs and the possible way that the industry should follow towards making augmented reality for the consumer a reality.

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“tooz provides the missing link between various advanced AR technologies and an individual vision correction”
31 January | 01:40 PM–02:00 PM | By Dr. Kai Ströder

Optical AR engines today are designed for people who do not need vision correction. However, the vast majority of users is myopic, hyperopic or presbyopic. Their need for Rx integration shifts AR devices into a medical-grade business environment, protected in many regions by existing stakeholders. For all-day use, consumers expect affordable AR solutions and a secure end-to-end vision correction process with a convenient buying experience. Regardless of the augmentation technology, tooz is enabling medical-grade Rx solutions for various curved and planar combiners.

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Our turnkey solutions for you to try out

tooz ESSNZ Berlin

Prescription glasses have never been so smart.

Our fully functioning reference design ESSNZ Berlin is the first pair of prescription glasses with augmentation for all-day use: lightweight, 15° field of view, foldable, with full-day battery life, integrated AI headset and wireless connectivity. By using a monochrome micro-LED and the tooz waveguide technology, the virtual image is visible even in bright daylight and additionally, optimizes the battery life of the entire device.

tooz DevKit Smart Glasses for all day use - stylish, lightweight

tooz DevKit

Smart glasses that empower developers and corporates to build an AR solution.

Try out our tooz DevKit, the perfect toolbox for testing the tooz Smart Glasses technology. Sold in 2020 and 2021 in the EU, USA and China, it undoubtly enabled numerous corporates and individual software developers to prototype and develop use cases and compatible applications.

Smart glasses like you’ve never experienced them before


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