tooz launches ESSNZ Berlin: the first prescription glasses with augmentation for all-day use

May 17, 2022

Aalen, Germany

With ESSNZ Berlin, tooz launches its first pair of prescription glasses with augmentation for all-day use. The ophthalmic wearable will be presented for the first time to the public at AWE USA 2022 starting from 1st of June in Santa Clara, USA.

tooz technologies, a joint venture of Zeiss and Deutsche Telekom, focuses on the development of optics for smart glasses with individual prescription. By launching its first pair of smart glasses for developers in 2020, tooz has already proven that the start-up is able to design and produce optical platforms that enable cost-effective, fully working turnkey smart glass solutions. After another 1.5 years of development, the team now unveils the next generation: a pair of prescription glasses with augmentation dedicated for the end consumer market.

The so-called ESSNZ Berlin displays information in the wearer’s field of view while keeping the initial function – individual vision correction – of everyday glasses. With a slim and stylish form factor, the ophthalmic device is almost indistinguishable from regular everyday glasses.

tooz ESSNZ Berlin_© tooz technologies GmbH_2

With a slim and stylish form factor and seamless integration of prescription, the ESSNZ Berlin glasses look and function like normal eyewear. (© tooz technologies GmbH)

Unique tooz optics for ophthalmic smart glasses
The curved waveguide lens is the centerpiece of smart glass solutions by tooz. With several high precision free-form surfaces and an invisible combiner, the lens guides the light from the monochromatic microLED display in the right temple to the wearer’s eye. This allows the user to see a virtual image in its field of view that provides valuable information. The curved waveguide allows for seamless integration of vision correction and thus, ophthalmic smart glasses. With the standard process of backside surfacing, the individual prescription of end consumers can be integrated easily in every Rx lab around the world.

tooz ESSNZ Berlin_© tooz technologies GmbH_SUVO Technology_3

The ophthalmic lens enables augmentation and vision correction at the same time. (© tooz technologies GmbH)

Leading-edge technology for all-day use
With unique technological advancements, tooz shapes how smart glasses for end consumers look and function: The tooz SWAP technology is a world-first that allows the independent swapping of lenses to adapt to a change in diopter or individual preferences of lens styles. Further, the ESSNZ Berlin is slimmer, lighter and comes with a higher energy efficiency in comparison to previous generations and thus, fulfills all requirements of end consumers for all-day use.

Information displayed in the wearer’s field of view is provided via Bluetooth connection from the phone to the glasses. Once connected, a wide variety of notifications can be displayed here as standard, as well as functions such as weather, navigation, calls, messaging, voice assistant and much more.

tooz ESSNZ Berlin_© tooz technologies GmbH_4

The ESSNZ Berlin smart glasses are lightweight, with full-day battery life, integrated AI headset and wireless connectivity. (© tooz technologies GmbH)


Important milestone for the industry
By executing an optics-driven technology roadmap, tooz leads the evolution of prescription glasses to ophthalmic wearables. The launch of the first smart glasses with vision correction highlights the readiness, knowledge and expertise in providing turnkey solutions for the end consumer market. With existing and validated reference designs like the ESSNZ Berlin glasses, tooz enables corporates to enter the high-end wearable market within no time and under their own strong brand.

First presentation at AWE USA 2022
Fully working ESSNZ Berlin smart glasses will be showcased for the first time at booth #743 at AWE USA 2022 starting from 1st of June in Santa Clara, USA. On Friday, 3rd of June, tooz CEO and Managing Director Dr. Kai Stroeder will be on stage to provide exclusive insights about the new generation and the optics-driven technology roadmap.

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Image 1 – ESSNZ Berlin Hero
Image 2 – ESSNZ Berlin on model
Image 3 – ESSNZ Berlin ophthalmic and AR integration
Image 4 – ESSNZ Berlin connectivity


About tooz
tooz technologies GmbH is a joint venture of ZEISS and Deutsche Telekom. With the mission to upgrade normal prescription glasses with digital virtual screens, tooz develops optical engines which enable cost-effective, unobtrusive and turnkey smart glass solutions. Innovative optical technologies for wearables by tooz unleash a variety of new use cases across industries, in the health sector and for consumer applications.

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